In this day and age, as CBD oil becomes legalized across more states, more and more CBD oil sellers are cropping up. While this might sound like good news at first, it also means you’ll need to be extra vigilant when selecting a producer.

Lots of CBD oil users already experience dose shortages when they receive their products. Read on to find out the best ways to avoid getting CBD at lower dosages than what you paid for.

  • Common Sense When it Comes to Price

First and foremost, don’t be surprised if you search around for the cheapest CBD product you can find online and end up getting something you didn’t intend. They say that a fool is born every minute, and it’s doubly true when it comes to Internet shopping. This isn’t to say that you can’t find affordable CBD products, because you can! Just remember, though, that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Form Matters for Potency

We all have expectations in our heads when we purchase a CBD product. But sometimes you end up taking it, only to find that maybe it wasn’t quite as intense as we expected. This might actually not be an issue when it comes to shipping or selection, but instead CBD form.

A good example of this can be experienced if you’ve ever purchased a bottle of CBD water. You see, CBD oil is naturally a poor choice to combine with water. Therefore, selecting bottled CBD water might end up deflating your enjoyment of the product when it doesn’t do what it said on the site, even though you got exactly what you paid for.

On the other hand, tried-and-true CBD product iterations, like edibles and gummies, are quite reliable when it comes to delivering the CBD dose you ordered. We’d recommend sticking with those types of CBD products, or other reliable variations like oils, tinctures, and vapes.

  • Organic is a Good Vetting Sign

Like when it comes to your everyday groceries, finding CBD products that are certified as organic and which only use natural ingredients is a great way to ensure that your supplier isn’t trying to screw you over. CBD product producers that focus on the quality of their product and ensure organic composition are also making a statement about their moral values and their integrity. 

Seen another way, CBD products that are made through organic processes are likely examined at every stage of the process. You are much less likely to accidentally get a faulty CBD product that doesn’t deliver the promised dose with an organic supplier than an inorganic supplier. It’s just a matter of eyes being on the oil at every step of the way, from growing to shipping.

  • Packaging Tells a Tale

This is similar to common sense, but it bears stating. Check out the packaging on a given CBD product and let your common sense tell you what you’d expect to see inside. The packaging is often a snapshot of the quality you can expect within the paper or box. If the product looks legitimate and is properly packaged, chances are that your CBD oil has both not been tampered with and has received the care and attention necessary from the producer.

On the other hand, if your CBD product comes in a terrible package and it looks like it’s been tampered with, trust your gut and ask for a reorder from your supplier. You should also avoid stereotypical CBD signifiers like cannabis leaves or immature fonts; these are the signs of amateur producers.

  • Find Companies with History

In general, CBD oil companies that have been around for some time will have greater experience when it comes to properly producing and shipping their product. As a result, the best CBD companies to order from will likely be in states that legalized CBD products early, like Massachusetts, California, Washington, Colorado, and so on.

These companies have had time to build up relationships with the best hemp growers and develop superior oil extraction methods and technologies. Basically, they’ve been at this business for longer than their competitors, so they are a more solid bet if you want consistent results from your CBD products.

  • Third-Party Testing is Crucial

Wherever you end up ordering your CBD products from, you need to find a brand that includes third-party testing verification. In a nutshell, third party testing certification means that an unbiased and unaffiliated laboratory carried out tests to verify the potency and legitimacy of a company’s CBD products.

Don’t just look for a logo or gold star, either. Excellent companies with top CBD products will include a QR code on many of their packaging, which will allow you to scan the code and find the test results for whatever batch you’ve ordered. This is a phenomenal way to not only find companies that are dedicated to quality but also a good way to make sure you’re getting CBD at a particular purity or with certain ingredients.

  • Either Buy Online or at Places You Trust

When it comes to finding top CBD products, don’t just try the corner store that opened up last week. Instead, online producers that have been around for many years will provide you with a more consistent product almost every time. Alternatively, try to find CBD stores in your area that have a significant history in the business. This ties into our earlier advice about selecting companies with the experience.

In a way, it’s just like buying any other perishable, valuable product. While there might be lots of places trying to sell you CBD oil, only a few are really worth your time and money. Spend a little while vetting your options before finalizing a purchase and you’ll end up happier as a result.

Overall, following the above seven tips should result in consistent CBD product quality. No longer will you have to find subpar CBD oil shipped to your door after a long delay. It’s likely that things will get better as more and more states legalize CBD products fully. But until then, it pays to have some common sense and do a little research until you find a favorite producer for your needs.

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