There are several companies out there claiming to sell the best CBD on the market. For a small percentage of those companies, this may be a truthful claim. Others are just trying to make a quick buck. Recently, established businesses have been putting CBD products to the test to see what’s worth your hard-earned money and what’s not. 

When put to the test, just under 50% of CBD dosages weren’t labeled correctly. Some products didn’t even have any CBD in them to begin with. In order to make sure that you get a high-quality product, we’ve come up with seven tips to apply when you’re shopping around for CBD products. Let’s take a look at what you should be doing. 

Where You’re Shopping

You can find CBD products just about everywhere you look. They’re available at gas stations, grocery store checkout lines, and even some boutiques. Many times you’ll find them in head shops, especially in states where marijuana isn’t fully legal. Buying from these places may seem incredibly convenient but you’re risking the quality of the product that you’re buying. 

The majority of CBD sold in stores that don’t specifically focus on wellness products tend to sell low-quality CBD. Think of it this way, would you go to a car salesman when you’re looking at buying a house? No, you wouldn’t. So why would you buy any CBD wellness supplies at a place that sells candy bars and cheap coffee?  

When buying CBD, make sure you’re purchasing from trusted stores whether that’s online or in person. Just because something says it’s tested, doesn’t mean it actually has been tested. You’ll want to be able to access the test results via a website link or QR code on the packaging. If this isn’t available, move onto a different product from a different brand.

Brands and Companies

It’s crucial to buy from companies and brands that have experience in the industry. If the company started producing CBD products when it started becoming popular, it’s likely not a trusted company. You’ll want to buy from someone who has been involved in the cannabis industry and has been for a long time. While cannabis isn’t completely legal in every state, there are plenty of companies that sell both marijuana and CBD products. 

Pay Attention to Packaging

Believe it or not, the way a product is designed matters. If the packaging is full of bright colors and looks like something that kids will enjoy, it might not be worth spending your money on. While this may not be true for every company graphic design preferences, it’s an overall statement about tested products. 

Those that have bright colors are more likely to have a low-quality product. You’ll also want to stay away from packaging that has italics and marijuana leaves as well. The more pharmaceutical it looks, the more likely it is to be high-quality. 

Is Organic Better?

Having a product that is certified organic isn’t cheap for the manufacturer. It’s safe to assume that if the company is going to go the length of having tests done to make sure that only organic ingredients are being used, it’s likely something worth buying for consumers. This can ensure you as a consumer that you’re buying a product that contains the ingredients that you think it does. You won’t find anything that’s not on the label within the product. 

Types of CBD Products

CBD comes in many forms including gummies, joints, flowers, topicals, edibles, oil, capsules, and more. Though it’s a waste of money, you even have the option of trying CBD-infused water. When it comes to CBD products that you can trust, edibles and gummies are the way to go if you don’t want to smoke the herb. Oils and tinctures aren’t terrible options either. 

The Price You Pay

One thing that you may have noticed while shopping around for CBD products is the price tag. CBD isn’t cheap and there’s no way around that besides growing your own cannabis. Often times, the most affordable CBD products don’t even contain any CBD in the first place. 

Spend the extra money to get a high-quality product that’s actually worth your money. This way you’ll get the effects that you’re looking for and you’ll find a product that helps you with physical and mental struggles.

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