As of January 2020, 33 U.S. states have passed legislation fully legalizing CBD products with another 14 states offering the restricted sale of these products. As the years slowly pass and research supports the idea that CBD products provide major health benefits, CBD is becoming increasingly more popular as a treatment method.

Of the more common ailments and symptoms that can be treated by CBD products, some of the more common are anxiety, sleep difficulty, disorders causing significant pain, and low appetite. CBD isn’t a cure-all treatment method, but it definitely has the potential to improve your quality of life if you struggle with health conditions.

Because of the wavering legal statuses across the United States and public perception of such products, you may be a little hesitant about purchasing these products. As CBD products are still a little bit taboo, you might not even know where to begin.

Here’s a brief guide on how to purchase CBD oil and other CBD products online.

Where to Purchase

Determining which brand to purchase when it comes to CBD oil can be rather difficult if you’re new to the CBD world. The Internet is full of websites linking to CBD products, but it’s difficult to figure out which websites are purely informational and which websites are just trying to advertise their own products.

One of the best things you can do to find the best products is to locate a neutral informational website that reviews some of the better choices on the market or read consumer reviews and figure out which companies are most reliable.

While you may already have your own favorite brand when it comes to CBD products, your chosen brand may not sell every type of product that you’re looking for. In this case, you would be better off turning to a larger brand known for a wider variety of high-quality products.

Here are some examples of larger CBD brands that offer more products.

  • Discover CBD
  • CBD Outlet Online
  • Pure CBD Vapors

Mainstream Suppliers

Just like any health and wellness supplement, there are plenty of purchase options on websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Because these websites display almost every brand and product related to your search term, it’ll definitely produce more results than if you only go to a manufacturer’s website.

The greatest concern when it comes to using these sources is the quality of the manufacturer and products. When you purchase directly from a manufacturer, you can be sure of the product you’re receiving and the quality associated with the brand itself.

When you choose to use one of these more mainstream websites, you might be dealing with lesser-known brands with lower-quality CBD products. There are no guarantees that you’re getting what you pay for, unlike purchasing from a manufacturer directly.

Educating Yourself

If you’re still trying to figure out which CBD brand you should trust (or has the products you’re interested in), you should review their website first and foremost.

A quality CBD company will spend more time and effort trying to educate current and future consumers rather than trying to simply make more sales. Basically, you want to ensure that they stand by their products, understand the role their products may play in consumer health, and encourage proper product usage.

Though every website and manufacturer is obviously trying to increase their sales, building a loyal and educated customer base should be their first priority. If you visit a CBD manufacturer’s website and the only information is about their particular products and the prices associated with them, you might want to skip over their website.

Each manufacturer will make claims about their products, but the consumers are the ones that have direct experience. You will benefit from reading reviews from previous consumers to figure out if this type of product or this company will meet your needs.

THC Content

To legally be considered a legitimate CBD product, the item must include less than 0.3% THC. You need to consider how important a role THC plays in your desire to treat your specific health condition. 

If your condition is relatively severe or you want to guarantee product effectiveness, you might want to purchase a product closer to 0.3% THC.

If the THC content is insignificant to you or you’re worried about the possibility of THC showing on a drug screen, there are CBD products that provide little to no THC. In the end, it’s all about what your goals and concerns are.

Delivery Methods

When you purchase sensitive products online, many businesses will ship the product to you using discrete packaging. 

If you live in an area where CBD products are frowned upon or you simply want to maintain your privacy around family, friends, and neighbors, you can have the CBD products shipped to you without an obvious display of what’s in the packaging. You would just need to find a manufacturer that guarantees this option.

You may also want to choose a company that provides quicker shipping and handling processes to guarantee you receive your product within your ideal timeline. 

Though you may be unsure about using sources like Amazon, there is a greater chance that you’ll be able to get your product sooner with Amazon shipping options.

Customer Service

Like any product or service, you want to be able to contact the company’s customer service line at all times. If you select a reliable company, their customer service will be impeccable and they’ll be able to guarantee future purchases from their customers.

To learn about a company’s customer service, one of the best things you can do is read customer reviews to learn about the experience others have had with their customer service department.

You want to know how quickly the customer service representatives respond, how effective their refund and return policies are, and whether or not they’re willing to work with their customers when an issue arises. 

There’s nothing worse than being disappointed in a product and being placed on hold for a half-hour or being told that there was nothing they company could do about it. If you’re going to spend your money on their products, you should be guaranteed quality service as well.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the company’s website, the only way to guarantee that a potential customer will purchase a product is by creating a website that is user-friendly. If you visit a website and find it difficult to navigate or scroll through your options, you’ll be less likely to buy their products.

The best websites will allow you to view their products based on category, but also allow you to sort products based on price, ratings, and popularity. Even better would be a search function on the website that will allow you to find a product meeting your keywords or for your particular health needs.

If you’re looking for a specific product, you should be able to quickly find it on their website.

Customer Loyalty

Many businesses confident in their products will run customer loyalty programs for the customers that purchase their products the most. This may not be important to you if you only plan to purchase a product once, but if you’re interested in long-term usage, you should consider these companies more.

Most of these programs are available directly from the manufacturer’s website. When you make an order, it’s likely that they’ll record your email address and send you future promotions and discounts.

After purchasing several products or returning to their website consistently, you may receive emails offering you even better deals and discounts than before. Not only does this help you build a relationship with the company, but it also guarantees the company a higher sales number at the end of the day.

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