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The world’s first blog media company, Corante is a trusted, unbiased source for the latest in news, technology, culture, politics and health. We’re proudly authored by highly respected thinkers, commentators and journalists, and read by many of the sector’s top entrepreneurs, executives, funders and followers.

Our more than 300,000 monthly readers aren’t just casual observers of the news – they’re the individuals on the cutting edge, the passionate early adopters, news-hounds, practitioners, journalists, scientists, technologists and academics who are deeply engaged in their fields and often leading them. They’re pushing boundaries, making news themselves and are constantly alerting those they work and socialize with to new technologies, news events, products, programs, and innovations.

As has been widely discussed in the mainstream press, blogs are rapidly gaining readership and attracting highly targeted audiences, and just as importantly are followed closely by early adopters, mavens, and connectors – the sort of people most likely to become evangelists for your products, services, and brand. Highly engaged, connected, and educated, they’re more likely to be interested in your targeted message and most likely to tell their friends and colleagues. In all, a perfect target audience for any marketer looking to make an impact on the real movers and shakers – to “influence the influencers.”

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Corante works with our partners to extend the reach of your brand or service’s message to our active readers. From dedicated emails to engaging custom features, we’ll work together with you to create a bespoke soluton to meet your marketing objectives.

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