CBD-based products have been a topic of heated legal discussion lately. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) now warns that tourists who bring products manufactured from CBD or containing hemp oil of any kind will be responsible for legal consequences.

The UK’s Foreign Office has advised travelers that products containing cannabidiol or CBD cannot be brought with them on travels to the UAE.

The Foreign Office included in its warning that many skincare and E-cigarette products could contain CBD without the user’s knowledge. Since CBD and its related products have entered popular usage in the UK, it’s becoming more difficult to determine which products must be left behind, as they could be anything from skin creams to packaged snacks.

Due to the possibility of products made from CBD oil containing THC, the known psychotropic chemical component of hemp-derived products, these products will be classified as narcotics by the UAE authorities. Express approval is needed to bring them into the country.

According to The Foreign Office, the UAE Ministry of Health lists the products and medications that fall under these guidelines, as well as the permitted amounts of these substances allowed in the country. Documents used to acquire approval for these substances are also available on their website.

The UAE has taken many steps to accommodate the 1.5 million travelers who come to Dubai and the surrounding area each year, such as easier access to alcohol in the city. Previously, alcoholic beverages could only be bought and sold from restaurants and hotels.

Despite these efforts, CBD oil and its related products remain a sticking point for foreigners wanting to experience the beauty of Dubai. The Foreign Office recommends looking over the restrictions and either applying for the appropriate documentation or leaving certain products behind when traveling to the UAE.

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