Over the past few years, CBD has gotten more and more popular. Whether you’re a minor with anxiety who wants to talk with your parents about it or you’re an adult who wants to suggest it to your spouse for their insomnia, it can be hard to bring up. 

Because CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, people often have a lot of misconceptions about it. Whatever situation you’re in, below we’ll help you learn how to bring it up in conversation and educate your family about why it may be beneficial for you. 

Be Educated About CBD

Both THC and CBD come from the marijuana plant. When people think of marijuana, they think of a substance that can get you high. This is because of the THC, not CBD. CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a compound that is found in the marijuana flower. 

This compound doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, therefore, it doesn’t get you high. CBD is available in several different forms by extracting it out of the plant and put into oil form, gummies, topicals, joints, and even capsules. 

Know Why People Use It

So what’s the big deal with this stuff anyway? Does it actually do anything or is it just a marketing scheme? CBD hasn’t become as popular as it is for no reason. It is known to relieve both physical and mental health issues. There have even been studies done to show how much it can help people who struggle with epileptic seizures. 

It may be able to help alleviate muscle aches, nerve pain, digestion issues, insomnia, and more. There have also been studies to show how CBD is bringing relief to those struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression, PTSD, and more. Knowing why people use CBD is key when it comes to educating others about it. 

How to Talk About it Over Dinner

Whether you’re wanting to try CBD for the first time or you just want to tell your loved ones about the success you’ve already had by using it, bringing it up may not be easy. If you’re of legal age, it may be a good idea to have a CBD product to show them. Let’s say you have CBD oil that you’ve been liking. If you bring it to the table, you’ll be able to offer it to them to see if they feel any benefit from it. 

When you all sit down for dinner and there is a quiet moment, you can start by talking about the benefits. It’s important to emphasize that there aren’t any psychoactive effects. Once people learn that CBD doesn’t get you high, their opinions tend to change for the better. If you’re a minor trying to convince your parents, it may be beneficial to bring up professional studies that have been done to show that it’s the real deal. 

What About Vaping?

Picture this: you’re sitting down at dinner trying to convince your family that a CBD vape is going to help reduce your anxiety. Your aunt Debbie tells you that vaping has been in the news lately for being dangerous and she doesn’t think that you should try it, even if it were to help you. 

It’s important to have valid points available for when someone poses an argument. Let her know that not every product is like that and just like the pharmaceutical industry, different things can work differently on each body and brain. Things like dosage and potency levels can make a big difference between a product working and one that doesn’t.

Sometimes heated discussions can ensue when talking about serious topics. Know that this is normal. As long as you have all of the facts you need and medical studies to back up what you’re saying, things should flow smoothly. If not, they just may need a strong CBD gummy to calm down and hear you out.

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