Walgreens has stated that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) will make it onto their store shelves in nearly 1,500 locations. These new additions will include many CBD oil and hemp-derived products, ranging from beauty creams to anti-inflammatory sprays.

These products will appear in select locations in states such as Oregon, New Mexico, Tennessee, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Vermont, Kentucky, and Colorado.

Brian Faith told CNBC that the new products adhere to Walgreens’ mission to provide a diverse range of health products to its customers, to make health and wellness more “accessible.” Faith is a spokesperson for the company.

For those wondering how CBD oil can be sold over the counter, CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in hemp-derived products. CBD is filtered for THC to prevent this component from affecting its users.

Therefore, CBD does not cause the same mental impairments or hallucinations as traditional marijuana. CBD is intended for medicinal rather than recreational use.

As this becomes more widely known, CBD is increasing in popularity as an accepted anti-inflammatory alternative to NSAIDs, general pain reliever, and anxiety supplement. More and more companies are looking to CBD for new product advancements in this trending health and wellness industry.

In 2018 alone, CBD use doubled as products containing the oil became more accepted and readily available at retailers in all corners of the world.

Even jelly beans have jumped on the bandwagon. David Klein, the developer of the original Jelly Belly jelly bean, recently unveiled a jelly bean infused with CBD oil. Some department stores like Barneys are even working on cannabis wellness sections of their stores in states that promote CBD production.

These stores are expected to put out a variety of products related to CBD, including vape pens and beauty products like creams and ointments from some of the top brands, including Body Vibes and Foria.

Even Martha Stewart is thinking of new ways to use CBD in health and food products. Partnering with Canopy Growth, a well-known cannabis advocacy growth, she hopes to unveil a whole new line of food products designed to incorporate the benefits of CBD into food for people as well as pets.

As CBD becomes even more well-known in health and beauty circles, other stores may follow Walgreens and Stewart in figuring out how to get this trendy ingredient into the homes of the average consumer.

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