Each of us is different. We all have different tastes and preferences. So, when deciding between a high-THC product versus a high-CBD product, we will have different priorities. 

Many cannabis fans prefer CBD high products because it does not alter a person’s state of mind. It does give you any kind of high. However, you can still benefit from calming effects like reduced anxiety and pain management. Others may have an open preference for THC. THC is known for its ability to alter the mind, create a happy mood, and (for lack of a better phrase) get you high. 

If you are one of those that prefer THC solely for the high, then you should not necessarily throw away the usefulness of CBD. In fact, enhancing your high through the use of CBD is an entirely relevant possibility. You can add CBD to your THC routine to help enhance your experience and reap more and more benefits from the cannabis marriage. 

The Many Benefits of CBD and THC When Put Together

Many users of THC complain that it enhances anxiety. Further, others claim that it takes them into too far of an impairment, or that decreases their ability to remember the events of the high. Others simply worry that the high is too intense for them to enjoy. Of course, CBD is not going to completely eradicate the feelings you get from a THC high, it might calm them a little allowing you to enjoy the high a little more. 

For example, if you have eaten a few too many THC infused cookies and you feel the need to balance out the high, you can use CBD to eradicate the issue. CBD is easily found in edible form, it can also be vaped or smoked which may help you feel a little better more quickly than an edible. You may have to experiment a bit with the amount of CBD that affects your high. Some people need higher doses of CBD to even out their mood while others respond better to low doses. 

Make an Investment in a CBD Vape Pen, You Will Not Regret It

CBD is not an agent that will give you any kind of high, this is why many people prefer it. However, some vape users claim that the relaxing effect of a CBD vape cartridge can mimic the slight feeling you get from a THC high. 

One would assume, then, that using a CBD vape cartridge in conjunction with some kind of THC product would only enhance the high derived from THC usage. Or, if you simply want to get a slightly less intense feeling than THC, then trying a vape pen can only be beneficial for your new adventure. 

Try Out the Cannabis Flower

There are a ton of different cannabis strains and finding one that is CBD dominant is super easy these days. These cannabis flowers are completely legal and while they mostly contain only CBD they will contain other levels of cannabinoids. 

This means that if you smoke one of these completely legal cannabis flowers, you will still obtain some kind of high. Now, this is not going to be the same kind of high you are used to achieving through a THC dominant strain, but it is a high nonetheless. 

Some people claim that these strains are the best for parties where participants want to smoke a lot of flowers. This is because the participants are not likely to burn out as quickly as with an intense strain of cannabis. 

Check out a Bath Bomb Infused with CBD

Everyone loves a good bath bomb nowadays. CBD is almost as popular as the bath bomb craze and it would be even more popular if it were not for the negative stigma surrounding the products. Combining a CBD bath bomb with a THC joint can give you a great euphoric experience. This is an excellent idea for enhancing your high.

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