In the last few years, products containing cannabidiol (CBD) have risen 99% in the UK. The trending health oil derived from the hemp plant has been manufactured into many widely used products, including skincare creams, supplements, and even snacks.

Wowcher reported that sales have doubled in 2019 alone, as Britain wholeheartedly accepts the value and versatility of the ingredient in health and beauty products.

Though CBD is derived from the hemp plant, it does not contain the same properties as conventional marijuana. This is because most CBD is produced by filtering out the THC, the compound in hemp that gives it its psychotropic properties.

CBD itself is all-natural and is becoming famous for its reputation as an anti-inflammatory as potent as most NSAIDs and without the nasty gastrointestinal side effects.

Properly manufactured, CBD oil is used in many pain and beauty products throughout the UK. Studies have been conducted claiming that it can treat pain caused by chronic conditions or even reduce acne.

In light of many celebrities using and advocating the products based on their medicinal benefits, the UK has seen a huge jump in sales of CBD oil and hemp-derived products, with London leading the way for sales.

Alex Harrison of Wowcher remarked that the increased interest in discussing the pain-relieving properties of CBD oil has definitely influenced buyers in the UK to jump on the chance to try the popular product.

He went on to say that sales of CBD oil “show no signs of slowing,” as it becomes more widespread and popular among UK shoppers. As more studies are conducted on its benefits, CBD will likely become a staple in many more homes for its uses as a beauty product, home remedy, and viable anti-inflammatory alternative to NSAIDs.

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