Joyce Park claims she got shitcanned from Friendster for blogging.

Apparently because she blogged about Friendster moving to PHP for scalability over JSP, which got picked up by Jon Udell in a great piece that shitcans the Myth that IT Doesn’t Scale (it can start small too) and Slashdotted. Anyway, they are making their money through soap operas.

A social networking company firing a blogger a common ingredient of success?

Jeremy Zawodny has already found out how easy it is to unsubscribe (credit due for having the feature).

She happens to have written a book on PHP , contributes to open source, and shares some good research on semi-permeable blogging. Who knows, she might have been hired by blogging in the first place.

But I’ll hold opinion until the other side has its say.

There are so many threads in this to be explored. Employee blogging policy, education, leadership, PR, setting market expectations, architecture, supporting advocacy, supporting research, supporting open source, competitive strategy and social network relations.

But, wait, the other side isn’t going to have its say. Any company that comments on the details of the termination of an employee opens themselves up to lawsuits.

It’s a good time for a standard employee blogging policy that bloggers can bring to their companies to set expectations and a way of doing things right.

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