I’ve touted Andrew Grumet’s work before (Program My TiVo! and RSS For TV, Music) and once again I have to recommend paying attention to what he is up to. See his post, Skirting the edges of the new media universe:

Chris Pirillo feeds a new addiction. If I understand correctly, the idea is that the RSS feeds give you a list of fresh downloads in your newsreader. Click on what you want, and shortly thereafter the video is on your hard drive. Maybe we aren’t too far from giving Dowbrigade StrongBad in his Video Aggregator. We’d need an automated way to launch BitTorrent when new items arrive in the feed. I don’t know, maybe people are doing this already. We’d also need specialized feeds so that we wouldn’t have to download everything.

Read the whole thing.

I really think there is something interesting here. Isn’t RSS + BitTorrent an ideal means to distribute periodic video content? Subscribing to a particular series’ RSS feed would be like setting up a Season Pass on your TiVo. As episodes are released, no matter the time, your system would automatically begin a BitTorrent download. Video RSS feeds for every taste would be available. You’re a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar? Get the SMG RSS feed and you won’t miss a single video appearance of her buffy-ness promoting Scooby Doo 2.

Who will be the first video network to adopt this technology?

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